About BANA

The Boulevard Appreciation Neighborhood Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization serving the neighbors of:

  • Brierwood Boulevard
  • Maryland Avenue
  • West Alley
  • Oxford Place
  • Glenwood Boulevard
  • Center Alley
  • Parkwood Boulevard
  • East Alley
  • Waverly Place
  • Ardsley Road
  • Van Curler Avenue to where it ends at The Plaza
  • Phoenix Avenue to where it ends at The Plaza
  • Schenectady High School
  • Nott Street between West and East Alleys
  • Grand Boulevard between East Alley and McLellan Street
  • The Plaza from Glenwood Boulevard to McLellan Street
  • Rugby Road from the GE Realty Plot border to Van Curler Avenue

BANA neighborhood map showing streets and boundaries

BANA Leadership Team:

  • Linda Murray, President
  • Howard Becker, Vice President
  • Crystal Santos, Treasurer
  • Eileen LaCourse, Secretary
  • Ron Geary, Board Member
  • Jason Reyes, Board Member
  • Christopher Marney, Immediate Past President

Important Documents: